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Employee Retention: What the Employee Wants?

As post-pandemic companies continue to find ways to retain employees, one must hope that they take an inward look. Many employees are now looking at their jobs through various lenses, including finding ways to telecommute, work flex time (home and office), or manage their workload better and more effectively. A few employees may also begin to look outward, perhaps at other companies that offer some of their key requirements. So, what can you do to retain your employees in a post-pandemic world?

Here are a few helpful suggestions:

  1. See the whole employee: In the past, one focus of a leaders' task was to view the employee only in the workplace. But now, leaders see employees differently - an employee in the workplace and the homeplace. Leaders see more employees needing childcare, elder care, mental health, financial planning, and social expectation. A leader who understands both sides of employees is usually more personal, empathetic, and understanding.

  2. Leaders provide options and flexibility for employees. Where appropriate, companies continue to ask questions and revise some guidelines. Keep in mind, as options and flexibility may be appropriate, organizations will have to carefully consider how employment and HR decisions impact underrepresented employees in their workforce, diversity and inclusion, women, and other sectors.

  3. Employee Experience – The company must start looking at the total experience of the employee. Did they have the right technology? How are they communicating? Do they have the right benefit packets? Is the benefits package suitable for everyone? What role does learning and development play? How are sick and vacation times allocated? All of this experience will detail how the employee views the workplace.

The post-pandemic era is more about the experience of the total employee. As we learn how to experience the entire employee, use options and guidelines, and focus on the employee experience, a company can learn to retain an employee post-pandemic. As one leader said, “Now is the time for us to look after the people who work for us. When a company steps up at a time like this, it builds loyalty, commitment, and long-lasting teams.” ~ Arjun Agarwal.

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